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In Fantasy Sports, you have to build up the best sports team with a limited budget. If your players bring the best performance, you will win- a considerable amount of real money.

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Fantasy Sports at fanteam

Fantasy Sports combines the benefits of sport bets and manager games

What are Fantasy Sports?

First of all, you should completely and correctly know about the function of Fantasy Sports, especially Fantasy Football.


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Apart from understanding the basics and learning about tactics, you should be in regular talk about Fantasy Football with your fellow players.


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Learn and improve

The more you improve your knowledge and tactics, the better will be your results.

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Daily Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Sports: The combination of football managers, strategy games and sports bets

Create your Fantasy Football Team and win real money

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The first providers of Fantasy Sports do now accept players from Europe. As football is the absolute number one sport in Europe, you do mainly build up football teams and play against opponents in a league at these providers.


In advance, every player pays a starting fee into a prize pool which will be distributed to the winner afterwards. Are you a tactical genius? Finally, it´s your time to prove it and to win a considerable amount of cash prizeBe one of the first und use your advantage



Fantasy Football is still in the first steps of its development in Europe. For this reason, you could be one of the first person who deals with the topic a way before the mass. Knowledge and expertise are important components and you should use your advances to meet to deal with FF and make your first experiences. Choose one of the options and get started with Fantasy Sports

Basics for success

You should have a complete understanding of the basics to have real success.

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Deepen your knowledge

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Fantasy Football Providers

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What is Fantasy Sport? : We recommend you to firstly have a look on this column. On this side, you can learn about the basics of Fantasy Football in a very short time.


Find a provider: On this column, you can find all important information about Daily Fantasy Sports provider in Europe. The links to FanTeam , provider of Fantasy Sports in Europe at the moment, will show our first experiences and evaluations. Trading cards at Sorare.


Background Knowledge: This segment helps you to improve your knowledge about DFS. There are the bottom pages General hints and strategies and the right team & tactic where you can increase your performance, and your success. 


Forum: On the one hand, your knowledge and tactic is a key. On the other hand, regular contact with fellow players about Fantasy Sports is important. That is how you can increase your performance and your success.