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KREUTZTEC UG (haftungsbeschränkt)  Geschäftsführer: Florian Klöker und Patrick Kreutzmann  Grothenhof 28  49597 Rieste  Mail:   info(at)  Registergericht: Amtsgericht Osnabrück  Handelsregister-Nr.: HRB 208456

Fantasy sports disciplines: Football, American Football, basketball, golf, ice hockey and motor sports are some of them. In addition, there is a category for eSports (strategy games, role plays) where you can compete with other DFS managers at any time.


In order to participate, you have to create a certain lineup which, of course, is easily created in Fanteam.


You have got the possibility to save various lineups for all disciplines on your account to reload them quickly. Furthermore, you can use your lineup for different tournaments at the same time: no wish is unfulfilled. 


It is noteworthy that many more data (depth carts etc.) are visible with a few clicks. You can even transfer the data to Excel and other programs. 


Fanteam is adjusted for the usage of mobile devices which is kind of a standard for a DFS provider like Fanteam.


Of course, we could describe many other disciplines, rules and scoring systems, but you can find all important information in the categories ‘How to play’, ‘FAQ and other help sites on Fanteams´ homepage.

On “", you can find four major parts. Every part should help you to become a successful Fantasy-Sport-manager. If you would estimate you as a “Fantasy Football Beginner”, you should go through the parts “from left to the right”.


That is how you firstly learn about the basics of Fantasy Football and the providers. In the third step, you can improve your abilities with hints and strategies. After the street steps, even during these steps, you can contact fellow players in the forum.


These are the four columns – you can decide on further steps (For a better overview all subparts of the parts are listed a bit below).


If you would like to learn more about Fantasy Sports and improve your performance, we recommend you the column Background Knowledge