Background Knowledge for Daily Fantasy Football

Use Your Lead in Time

Fantasy Sports in Europe is still in the making. In contrast with the Fantasy Sports- hype in the US, Fantasy Sports has opened its doors only a few months ago. We think that it has got an enormous potential in Europe, too, especially Fantasy Football will have a sharp increase soon. So, the more players are joining, the higher are the possibilities to win real money: In the United States, there are some people who can generate a remarkable monthly income while playing Fantasy Sports with clever tactics. You can win remarkable cash prices even in Germany today. They tend to increase in the near future. You can build up an enormous advantage dealing with Fantasy Sports way before the mass, if you learn about the settings and create successful tactics. To increase your knowledge and success, we do offer you the following possibilities:

General Hints & Strategies

Have an advantage in terms of knowledge and tactics to your competitors and earn money with Fantasy Football in the long term. The following button shows you some general hints and strategies.

Articles about Fantasy Football

Our blog focuses on every Bundesliga matchday and some remarkable players. On top of that, we present you recent promotions of FanTeam.

Advices for a Successful Team

Besides the general strategies, we introduce you to some hints for a successful team, formation and tactics.

Do you need any help?

Which league/budget/ season should I choose? If you have got any questions about Sports, don´t feel hesitate to ask us.

Learning by Doing

This is, of course, an ideal slogan of Fantasy Sports. The more you play and the more teams you draft, the better will be your results. The following Links brings you straight to FanTeam and Draftkings – the first and only providers of Fantasy Football in Europe at the moment. Besides the listed points in the columns, you should experience our forum. Here you can discuss about strategies, approaches and other topics of Fantasy Sports with other players.


If you would firstly like to learn more about the basics, visit the column ‘What is Fantasy Sports?’ . This will help out every beginner. Important facts about the providers are in the column Find a provider. The columns of FanTeam and Draftkings give you all important information and hints about the providers of Fantasy Football in Europe.

Fantasy Football:  Strategy & Tactics Are the Secrets for Success