General Hints & Strategies in  Fantasy Football

Develop an advantage to your competitors with a clever tactical approach. We introduce you to some hints and strategies in Fantasy Sports in this column. We will mainly focus on Fantasy Football. An advice: Firstly, we will give you some general hints and strategies in Fantasy Sports. You can find hints for a successful draft and tactics for your fantasy team in the column ‘The right line- up & tactics’.


You should never put all eggs in one basket in order to have long- term success. Even a better average than your competitors does not guarantee success for every league and matchday because luck is always a factor (despite of the components of knowledge, skills and tactic). You can never predict a bad performance of your team captain, for example, he misses two penalties and get a red booking afterwards.


That´s why you should only bet a small amount of your account´s capital in order to survive bad times of playing. A small guideline:  We do never bet more than 5% of our account´s capital for a single league. So, with an account of 100€, we invest a maximum of 5€ per fantasy league.


Advice: Capital´s account describes the available money on your provider (e. g. FanTeam )


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Sorare Fantasy Sports

Research as Much as You Can

take time for daily fantasy sports
take time for daily fantasy sports

What are the matches? Is the player ‚in-form‘? Is he responsible for the penalties or is he even playing? The more you know about the teams and players, the better is your performance. There are no limits. The mentioned questions are just a small list of remarkable aspects.


Although players have got a developing market value at the providers which represents the current performance, not all influencing aspects are considered in this market value. As a result, some players will be good deals, others might be too expensive. A well- grounded research can give you an advantage. Let´s use the following example: The provider values the market value of player X to $13M for the following weekend. Your research has found out that actual player, who is supposed to be responsible for all set play, misses the match and player X might do all free kicks and penalties. As player X might gain points with the set plays, the actual value of player X is probably higher than $13M for the weekend. In this case, the provider values player X too low and he might be a good option for your Fantasy Football- team.

A general hint for research: Use the ratings of the sport bets- provider: What´s the value for the probability that team X does not concede a goal and their defenders earn many points? What´s the probability that player Y scores today? These ratings give you an adequate probability for certain events. You can use this advantage.


Choose the Right League


In order to get a real advantage with your knowledge, choose a league you can do research about. It might be difficult to find information about the Second Division in Finland despite of the use of Internet. Choose a league which you follow and you have some expert knowledge about.


The length of the season should fit, too. You need a strong team for every matchday for a league that takes more than a single matchday or even a whole season. You should take in mind that a participation in a league, in which you are unactive for any reasons and cannot build up a strong team, does not make any sense.


Advice: In general, you should be patient for the selection of the league. There might be tournaments for unknown or lower leagues at some days, for example during the international cap break. But you still might be keen on playing Fantasy Football. In this case, you should be patient and wait for leagues which you can investigate and gain an advantage. If you can´t wait and choose to play in one of these leagues, e. g. the Second Norwegian Division, you should be aware of getting the required information (line- ups and more) for this league. Of course, your knowledge for unusual leagues might be very useful. Your opponents might have worse knowledge or no real reasons for playing and you might have a very good chance to win.

Use the Complete Time

matchday: fantasy sports
matchday: fantasy sports

Up to the beginning of the matchday or the league, you can adjust your Fantasy Sports- team. You should use your time completely. What´s the sense if your best striker is ‘in-form’, but he gets injured during the warm-up? Right, there is no use for him. The later you draft your final team, the more influence has got the recent news on your team. 


Advise: In general, you should look at all line-up previews of all matches in your league, especially right before the start of the matches: the closer the time to the kick- off, the more reliable are the previews.


We recommend you to draft your team early before the start of the matchday. It gives sufficient time to select a well thought out and successful team. The closer the time to the kick- off, the more you should focus on the match previews. That´s  how you can decisive changes of your team even right before the first whistle. For the first and second German Bundesliga, and the international cups,  we recommend you the plattforms of and Besides the match previews, you can find more information about injuries, comebacks and many more.

The Ideal Fantasy Football- Team

You have learned general hints & strategies of Fantasy Sports on this side. There are more hints & strategies in the column line- up & tactics. It helps you how to draft a successful Fantasy Football- team and which criterias to obey. We do also explain in which parts of your team you can save budget or rather it is worth to invest more. It is definitely worth to have a look into this column. Otherwise you have got the following options to continue.


You can discuss about strategies and more in Fantasy Football with other users in our forum. To start right now and make cash with your knowledge of football, visit the provider FanTeam or Fanaments. If you would like to learn more about the basics of Fantasy Football, you should have look into the column ‘What is Fantasy Sports?’ .  You can find all important information about the providers of Fantasy Football in the column ‘Find a Provider’.  If you have got any further questions, you can contact us at any times with the contact form. The following column (and/or our forum) helps you to discuss about general hints & strategies in Fantasy Football with other users. Watch out: spam posts will be deleted. 


Have a look into hints & strategies for your line- up and become more successful. Our Fantasy Sports- forum will help you, too. If you want to start right now, you can get here to the provider FanTeam. If you want to learn more about the basics before your begin, click on the column ‘What is Fantasy Sports?’. All important information about the providers are in the column ‘Find a provider’.



On “", you can find four major parts. Every part should help you to become a successful DFS- manager. If you would estimate you as a “Fantasy Football Beginner”, you should go through the parts “from left to the right”.


That is how you firstly learn about the basics of Fantasy Football and the providers. In the third step, you can improve your abilities with hints and strategies. After the street steps, even during these steps, you can contact fellow players in the forum.


These are the four columns – you can decide on further steps (For a better overview all subparts of the parts are listed a bit below).


If you would like to learn more about Fantasy Sports and improve your performance, we recommend you the column Background Knowledge. We especially recommend you our forum.


Still undecided? Find out more about  possible DFS strategies and other important fantasy sports information in our forum. Find out more about other providers in the section Find a Provider. Get help in the sections What is Fantasy Sports? and learn about hints and strategies in the section background knowledge.