Fanaments: Fantasy Sports-Leagues

Brilliant Design and Navigation

Besides FanTeam another Fantasy Sports- provider has opened his doors for European players in May 2016 – Fanaments. Fanaments offers sports like golf, american football, basketball or MMA, so there are leagues almost every day. There is action even on days without football games. The following sub points will show you all important information about Draftkings and the differences to FanTeam.


The registration for Fanaments is done in a few minutes: Just type in your name, address and password, confirm your e-mail- address and you are ready to go. At the moment, you can use Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill and bank transfer as payment methods. Deposits and withdrawals at Fanaments are fast, secured and uncomplicated. Like in FanTeam, you cannot criticize any of the mentioned aspects.


Besides Fantasy Football, Fanaments creates tournaments in american football golf, basketball or MMA. MMA stands for ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ and is a fighting sport. FanTeam is still the No. 1 for Fantasy Football as their cash prizes and the number of player is just the best. It is important to mention that Fanaments uses different judgment criterias for the players than FanTeam. Fanaments is more detailed and evaluates single combats, loosing ball losses and more. As described above, Fanaments offers tournaments in american football (NFL), basketball (NBA), golf (PGA) and MMA. These four are not available on FanTeam.


The design of fanaments is attractive and detailed. It has got a nice structure and is easy to navigate. The following screenshot describes the assembling of your Fantasy Football- team:


This screenshot shows the creation of your football team in which you get with a single click. On the left side, you can choose the players for your team. The screenshots of every player are useful to avoid any mistakes choosing the same player twice.

Conclusion and Comparison of fanaments and FanTeam

fanaments is definitely a recommended Fantasy Sports- provider. There is a constant offer of leagues due to the different available sports. The promotions are remarkable and better than in FanTeam. An extra point is their offer of a mobile version of their homepage so you can always have a look on your team. On top of that, their competent costumer service solves your issues very fast.


In general, we think that both FanTeam and fanaments have got their advantages. To get the best offer of Fantasy Sports, you should take part in both providers. If you want to start right now, click here to register for fanaments. If you have not seen it, you can register for FanTeam with this link. That´s how you can decide your suitable provider. Find out more about FanTeam on this column.


If you would like to learn more about Daily- Fantasy Sports, you will find more information and strategies of Fantasy Sports, especially Fantasy Football, on our column Background knowledge. The basics of Fantasy Sports are on ‘What is Fantasy Sports?’. We do also recommend you our forum. Here you can discuss about Draftkings with other users. Watch out: spam posts will be deleted.


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