FanTeam: First Fantasy Sports- provider in Europe

Registration, Freerolls and Promotions

FanTeam is the first provider of Fantasy Football in Europe and the only one at the moment. FanTeam has impressed thousands of sport enthusiasts -  for a good reason:


We can draw a positive conclusion about FanTeam although it is available for a relative short time for European players. It is proved by the following aspects.


The registration in FanTeam is done in a very short time and you do not have to enter any private data like your bank account. Just type in your name, age and your address and you are ready to start. 

Daily Fantasy Sports at Fanteam: tournament entry fantasy football
daily fantasy football at fanteam

A big advantage of FanTeam are the so- called freeroll- tournaments where no entry fees are necessary but there are prices for the winner. They take part multiple times in a week and you can try Fantasy Sports without any risks. The tournament overview below shows a freeroll tournament. 

Deposits and Withdrawals at FanTeam


To guarantee the mentioned first deposit- bonus, you have to pay in money in FanTeam. The minimum deposit amounts to 10€. The payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard at the moment and will be added soon. In general, the deposits in FanTeam are absolutely fast, secure and uncomplicated. There are several safety measures implemented by FanTeam to keep your money safe. If you win, you can use the easy mentioned payment methods which are free of cost.


Choose a Fantasy Football- League


To prove your football knowledge and win real money, you have to sign in for a fantasy league. The several leagues of FanTeam will be described now:

Line-up of your Fantasy Sports- team

Fantasy league- overview of FanTeam, you can set the selection in the upper and left side



The overview gives you all important information to the leagues. If you click on the relevant league, you will get all information (distribution of the price pool, length of season, etc.) to the tournament. FanTeam offers leagues with different starting fees, lengths, leagues, size of line-ups and more -  there are no limits. When you have found the right league, just click on ‘Join in’. After this, the starting fee will be booked off and you can assemble your team.


It is time for the right tactics now- you decide the players that hunt points for you. The following screenshot shows the selection of players in FanTeam:

daily fantasy sports at fanteam
You can select your players for your team via the ‘Drag & Drop’- system on the right side

Experiences with the Fantasy Sports- provider FanTeam

You do need 12 players of German Bundesliga for your team in this league. There is a budget of $100 Million.


In this case, the tournament takes a single matchday of Bundesliga, the games of Saturday and Sunday, which are presented in the upper part.


Therefore, you can only choose players which are part of these 16 teams. The season is over after the 8 matches and the winner earns the pricing pool.


One of the 12 players is a substitute (not visible in the screenshot), which will play in a sudden absence of a player of your first team. In addition, you have to select a captain whose points get doubled. You select a vice captain, too.


He will replace the initial captain in case of absence. After the creation of your Fantasy Football- team, you can start your team with a single click. A small advice: In FanTeam, you can adjust your fantasy team until the beginning of the first match.


Use the chance: Get informed before the matches whether all of your selected players will play. If not, you can replace him by any other player. On top of that, you can compete with multiple teams in the same league. You just have to pay the entry fee again.



Play Daily Fantasy Sports at Fanteam
Play Fantasy Sports at Fanteam

The results of all of your players will be calculated at the end of the matchday. The best player/ players receive price pool.

If the season takes more than one matchday, you do need a long-term focus for assembling your team.


You can change or transfer a specific amount of players between matchdays but it is limited and you might lose some hard- earned points.

Register Now on FanTeam

You can follow the points and your opponents in real time. Excitement and thrill is guaranteed. In addition, you can create your own leagues which can be public or private, in case you would like to play with your friends.


Finally, we have experienced only positive points with FanTeam. The number of leagues and the size of prize money is growing day to day. There are interesting promotion offers, too. We can proudly announce that FanTeam also offers a mobile version.


And last, but not least: FanTeam offers Fantasy Ice Hockey and Fantasy Basketball now. Their high number of matches during the season increases the offer of Fantasy Sports- leagues in Germany tremendously.The following banner brings you directly to FanTeam – Germany´s first provider of Fantasy Football in Germany. This column brings you to a review of Fanaments -  the only competitor of FanTeam at the moment. If you would like to learn more about Fantasy Sports, you will find more information about Fantasy Sports, especially Fantasy Football on the column background knowledge. Learn more about the basics of Fantasy Football on ‘What is Fantasy Sports?’. We do recommend you our forum, too. Watch out: spam posts will be deleted. 

On “", you can find four major parts. Every part should help you to become a successful DFS- manager. If you would estimate you as a “Fantasy Football Beginner”, you should go through the parts “from left to the right”.


That is how you firstly learn about the basics of Fantasy Football and the providers. In the third step, you can improve your abilities with hints and strategies. After the street steps, even during these steps, you can contact fellow players in the forum.


These are the four columns – you can decide on further steps (For a better overview all subparts of the parts are listed a bit below).


If you would like to learn more about Fantasy Sports and improve your performance, we recommend you the column Background Knowledge. We especially recommend you our forum.


Still undecided? Find out more about  possible DFS strategies and other important fantasy sports information in our forum. Find out more about other providers in the section Find a Provider. Get help in the sections What is Fantasy Sports? and learn about hints and strategies in the section background knowledge.