Sorare -Fantasy Football with trading cards

Sorare is a fantasy football platform based on tradable digital player cards where you can win lucrative prices in digital tournaments every week.


We can promise: Sorare has convinced us in a couple of days. As a mixture of Panini cards, FIFA Ultimate-Team, trading and fantasy football, it is for us and many of you an attractive combination.


On this page, e will explain Sorare and show that it is easier to understand than it may sound. Besides FanTeam, Sorare is the biggest prospect on the German fantasy sports market.

Trading Cards based on the Ethereum Blockchain
Sorare Trading Cards plus Fantasy Football

What is Sorare and how does a Sorare trading card work?


A Sorare trading card is a so-called blockchain card. Blockchain deals with cryptocurrencies and it assures in this context that the player cards are unique assets and protected against piracy and theft.


A Sorare card is a specific blockchain card that represents a football player belonging to a specific season. The trading cards have an attractive feature: they have a proven scarcity (fixed supply). For the 2019-20 season, three levels of scarcity exist for each Sorare Card: Unique (1 copy), Super Rare (10 copies) and Rare (100 copies). For example, Sorare can only issue 111 copies of Weston McKennie in 2019-20 season (one Unique, 10 Super Rare and 100 Rare). The rarer the card is, the stronger it is in the game.


In addition, the cards become stronger because every time a card is placed in a fantasy football league with Sorare, it gains experience points (XP) and thus increases its value and its performance.


A small hint from us: once you are the owner of a Sorare card, you can keep it forever. For instance, a trading card of 2020-2021 season is still valid in 2030-2031 season. The player earns points and XP until the end of the career. New cards of the player will then be issued for the following 2021-2022 season while the former player cards remain valid and can be used for the tournaments in the next season.


How can I play a Sorare Fantasy Football game with a Sorare card?

The Sorare Fantasy Football game is called SO5. You can assemble your team of five trading cards. As common for fantasy sports, these cards collect points and XP according to their performance in real matches. There is one black card (unique), 10 blue cards (super rare), 100 red cards (rare) and unlimited white (standard) cards for each player.


The better and rarer your Sorare cards, the higher the multiplier for the players’ score which the score is multiplied. One example: your play received a SO5 score of 3 points with a multiplier of x7.2, so the final score for the player is 21.6 points. The points from all five players are added up for your final team score.


If you do well, you could win new cards or even Ethereum. Ethereum is a well-known cryptocurrency (after Bitcoin the most-known) and can be converted into real money with a small effort. 

Sorare Trading Cards plus Fantasy Football
Fantasy Football Ethereum based Trading Cards

As a beginner, can I try Sorare for free?


Yes, you can! We are going to explain you how to get started with Sorare below…


1. How do I create my first team at Sorare?

When you register with Sorare for the first time, you will receive 10 standard (white) cards for free.




2. How can I use these cards and which Sorare league should I join?

The 10 free cards give you the opportunity to experience the game of Sorare and to form a team in the Rookie League, which is specially dedicated to new Sorare managers.


3. How long am I a Rookie Manager in Sorare?

You can play four times in the Rookie League of Sorare against other rookies. After that, the Rookie League option will expire. 


4. What happens when I am no longer a rookie manager?


After the 4 weeks as a rookie manager, you will be promoted to "new manager"level. During this period, you might have already won new Sorare cards or bought them on the Transfer Market to prepare for new challenges in your career as a Sorare manager...


Which fantasy football leagues are currently available on Sorare?


There are three Leagues available in Sorare right now. The events usually start every two days and also take about two days: 


1. All Star League: This Sorare league contains 4 separate divisions where you can play with any combination of cards.


2. Under-21/23 League: This league contains 4 divisions in which you can play with any combination of cards, but each player of your Sorare cards has the age of 23/21 years or younger.


3. Weekly Challenge: The weekly Sorare challenges can be played with any combination of cards, although there are usually other restrictions (e.g. only players from the Bundesliga). In these challenges, the multiplier of the Sorare cards is often neglected and all Sorare cards are rated x1.


On top of that, there is also the Rookie League for Sorare newcomers.


The individual divisions are then divided again at Sorare. For example, the worst division 4 can have an score multiplier (all five players together) of maximum x42* while the best division 1 has an unlimited multiplier.


This ensures that even Sorare beginners have a chance to compete. Each participant can only place one team per division. Once you have used a Sorare card for a tournament, you cannot set it up a second time for the same matchday.


* = white cards have an initial multiplier of x2, red cards of x7, blue cards of x14 and black cards of x21. As mentioned above, the Sorare cards improve with experience points. There is also a 10% bonus if the player still plays for the club printed on the Sorare card. Moreover, there is a 10% bonus if the player is still in the season from which the Sorare card originates.


How do I receive the highly-desired Sorare trading cards?


As mentioned before, you will receive ten free white cards as a gift after your registration. If you do well, you can win even more and more free Sorare cards without investing real money.

Otherwise you can also purchase Sorare cards, currently either by credit card or directly with the cryptocurrency Ethereum.


On the one hand, Sorare issues new cards in auctions on the Transfer Market almost every minute. If you are the highest bidder, you get your card immediately in your Gallery and can use it at Sorare.


On the other hand, you can buy cards from other real Sorare managers when they place them on the Sorare Transfer Market. The price is set by the seller and the first one to bid this price, receives the Sorare card. If nobody wanted to buy the card within 48 hours, the auction will be stopped by Sorare and the card returns to your gallery.


So, it is your aim in Sorare to form good teams from your existing cards, win new cards with these teams and then set them up again or sell them to other Sorare managers at some point.


As Sorare is still at the beginning, we believe that it is very lucrative at the moment. Sorare users from the start have the opportunity to win trading cards worth several thousand Euros every few days.


Yes, indeed: The black Ronaldo card from 2019-20 season has been issued for 12.000€. Most Sorare cards are issued approximately between 3€ and 80€.


Our conclusion of Sorare: The ideal mix of Fantasy Football and trading cards is in our opinion the new big thing on the fantasy sports market. It seems difficult to understand at first glance however, can take up to 2 hours to fully comprehend. Check out the FAQ's at Sorare and ask the Sorare live chat from Sorare if you have any questions. It is really helpful. 

But once you have arrived in the world of Sorare, you won´t get it out of your head.


The mentioned combination of investing money, Panini sticker collection, FIFA Ultimate Team, fantasy football and trading is going to fascinate you and drag you deeper into the Fantasy Football universe. It is so much fun when you realize the value and scarcity of Sorare cards. Currently there are still not all clubs and players available.


Sorare has to buy a license from each club which allows them to issue these official trading cards. Good news: almost every week new clubs are added because the clubs also realize the possibility that the fans identify themselves even more with its players through Sorare.


If you don't feel like trading cards, FanTeam is still the best choice. In the following, there is still the possibility to exchange information about Sorare in our forum. If Fantasy Sports are completely new for you, please have a look at the subpage What is Fantasy-Sports?.