Fantasy Sports: Basic & First Steps

Registration and Payment for a Provider

In Fantasy Sports, you compete in a tournament (also called a league) against other players.


Here you have to draft a sports team of your choice with a limited budget.


When your players perform the best, you win. We present you a chronologic order of the steps of a Fantasy Sports- league.


Because football is the most popular sport in Europe and the most offered one in fantasy sports, this presentation is related to Fantasy Football.

Firstly, you have to register for a provider of Fantasy Football. The registration is simple and not binding at all. 


The price pool will be paid out to the winner of the league at the end of the season.


You can put money on your players account with different payment methods.



Therefore, you need money on your player account in many cases because every participant of a league has to pay a specific amount into a price pool in many leagues. 

Choose a Fantasy Sports- league

After the registration, you can choose a league, in which you compete. These leagues differ in many points so that everyone finds his ideal league. There are the following aspects:


• Entry fee (normally between 0€ – 200€)

• Duration of season (one matchday, a whole season, etc.)

• Type of league (Bundesliga, Premier League, etc.)

• Size of teams (number of assembled players)

• Budget frame


The following screenshot shows the tournament overview of the Fantasy Sports- provider Fanteam. On the left side, we have chosen to display only German Bundesliga, Premier League and Turkish Süper Lig.


You can find such a tournament overview on the provider FanTeam. Click on the screenshot to get directly to FanTeam. You can see all important data and facts for the several leagues. With a click on the specific league, you will see all essential information (distribution of price pool, number of players/matchdays, etc.) for the tournament. You have got the possibility to create our own league. This could be a public or private , in case you just would like to compete against friends.


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Sorare Fantasy Sports

The Results of Your Fantasy Football- Team

After the selection of your Fantasy Football- team and the beginning of the matches, you just have to wait for a good performance, scores and no stupid cards of your players. You can follow the performance of your team live -  excitement and thrill guaranteed.


When the matchday is completed, the performances of your players will be judged by a standard scoring system. In case of misunderstanding: the points for your team will be set by the actions of the players in the real matches. If your player X is in your fantasy team, he would gain points, as long as he is doing specific things (player X scores, player X gets a yellow booking, etc.).


The following table shows the scoring system of FanTeam. 



Played 1-59 minutes


Played 60 minutes or more


Played the complete matches


Goal (goalkeeper or defender)


Goal (midfielder)


Goal (striker)




Fantasy assist (enabled a successful penalty, etc.)


No conceded goal (goalkeeper or defender)

4 (played minimum of 60 minutes

No conceded goal (midfielder)

1 (played minimum of 60 minutes

Yellow card


Red card


Goalkeeper save

1 for each save

Goalkeeper saves a penalty


Player do not score a penalty


Player caused a penalty


Conceded goals (goalkeeper or defender)

=-1 for each conceded goal

Own goal


Team wins during the performance of your player


Team draws during the performance of your player


Team loses during the performance of your player



Points get doubled


Many ‚Fantastic‘  Terms – One Meaning

The players will be judged by these criteria. An example: We look at a selected striker.


He played 70 minutes (2 points) and scored 2 goals (8 points). Before the end he missed a penalty (-2 points) and receives a yellow card (-1 point).


His team drawed during his performance (0 points). As a result, he gained 7 points. As a captain, he would have gained 14 points. The performances of all other players will be added.


If you are the player with the highest total score, you will win the league. (There are different payment methods for paying out your profits. The payoff is fast, secured and uncomplicated.)


If the explained fantasy league takes more than one matchday, you would draft your team for multiple matchdays.


You can change and transfer players, but it is limited. You need a long- term view (talents with potential, etc.) 


Fantasy Sports: tactics, knowledge and cleverness count now


There is an issue that Fantasy Football describes American Football and Football (British English: Football= Fußball). Sometimes the term Fantasy Soccer is used.


In Germany, for example the provider FanTeam, the term Fantasie Football is common. So, there are four terms which have got the same meaning: Fantasy Football. Another point is the use of the term Daily-Fantasy-Sports (DFS). It describes Fantasy Sports- leagues that take only a few days.



We hope that you have understood the basics of Fantasy Sports, especially of Fantasy Football.


You probably have some questions that should be solved by the provider or at our column Background Knowledge. If you want to start right now, these links to FanTeam will help you.


On “", you can find four major parts. Every part should help you to become a successful DFS- manager. If you would estimate you as a “Fantasy Football Beginner”, you should go through the parts “from left to the right”.


That is how you firstly learn about the basics of Fantasy Football and the providers. In the third step, you can improve your abilities with hints and strategies. After the street steps, even during these steps, you can contact fellow players in the forum.


These are the four columns – you can decide on further steps (For a better overview all subparts of the parts are listed a bit below).


If you would like to learn more about Fantasy Sports and improve your performance, we recommend you the column Background Knowledge. We especially recommend you our forum.


Still undecided? Find out more about  possible DFS strategies and other important fantasy sports information in our forum. Find out more about other providers in the section Find a Provider. Get help in the sections What is Fantasy Sports? and learn about hints and strategies in the section background knowledge.